Table Rock Lake Summer Fishing Report 2018

Observations on Pre-Spawn on Table Rock Lake 2018

The water temperature is around 47-51 depending on what color water your in. The dirty water heats up faster then the clear. When the clocks move forward, that won’t affect the pattern at all, it’s still the same amount of sun as was before. It will take longer days of sun, and a warm sun without cold nights. Expect that dirty water to settle down to the bottom. The lake will move back to a green color first and some point clear. The fish that spawn in the green color water will be shallower then the clear water.

Visibility is key when a female picks a bed site. You can find females sometimes 10′ deep in clear water. That don’t mean all of them will be 10’s but that’s a rule of thumb you can use. Now that said, you can expect to start catching fish using your pre spawn techniques.

You will find fish just under or on the top side of hums close to deep water but also close to shallow water. The bucks are already on the bank ready for the spawn. Bucks are easy to catch shallow but are normally small. Don’t expect a spawn to start yet, pre spawn will last 30-45 days. The spawn on this lake is approximately 60 degrees or April 15th. So many factors have to happen for the spawn to start. People have their own theory but my theory came from what I’ve learned and listing to Stacey King and Brian Snowden. They guys are the experts on this lake. Your pre spawn baits should include a crank bait, jig, worm, lizard, any any other bottom bait you may use. A white jig works this time of year all the way into the spawn. My jig colors are PBJ and Green pumpkin. Both with a Strike King Rage Tail. I throw one for a while and if no bite I throw the other. My crank bait colors are green, craw dad color and red. My go to bait is a 5XD/6XD Strike King Sexy Shad, RK Crawler green and craw dad colors. I don’t throw a worm or lizard, but green pumpkin or craw dad colors will work. The pre spawn boat placement should be on the down side or up side of the drop/roll off. If you feel the fish are facing outward, fish the upside, if the fish are facing toward the bank, face inward. Once you find fish on your electronics, fish the area until you get a bite. If your in the deeper water throwing toward the bank and catch no fish, move your boat shallow and throw toward deeper water. I call that fishing backwards.

Expect your craw dad patterns to work good on chunk rock. The spawn for craw dad will happen just prior to the bass spawn and during and after it. A jig or crankbait on the chunk rock will benefit you catching fish. The deep roll offs from shallow water to deep water on pee gravel will benefit you catching fish. This time of year, I find the big females on the chunk rock eating craw dads. That’ don’t mean big females won’t be on pee gravel roll offs. Don’t forget your tub fishing now as well If your using a A Rig still, expect that bite to stop around 50 degrees. The jerk bait bite can be good all year round. Fish can also be found on bluffs all year round. Using the same techniques as fishing the chunk rock or pee gravel will work on bluffs. The points will heat up soon. Point hopping will be a good technique somewhere around 55-65 degrees with good warm sunny days with warmer nights. Reminder that all the females will not spawn at the same time. I’ve been told females can spawn thru June according to an experienced angler on this lake. I hope this helps everyone.

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